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Meet the 2024 

Ramona Queens!

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From left to right:

👑 Teen Miss Ramona 2024 - Keely Townley

👑 Miss Ramona 2024 - Hannah Ferguson
👑 Pre-Teen Jr Miss Ramona 2024 - Tarin Kilcoyne

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Pageant Information

Miss Ramona and Teen Miss Ramona are youth ambassadors for the community of Ramona, a beautiful town in East County San Diego. The young ladies of the Miss Ramona Pageant system strive to become involved with organizations and citizens in Ramona through community service and volunteerism.

The Miss Ramona Program is a part of the San Diego 678 Pageant System which includes the two sister pageants Miss Lakeside and Miss Julian.

As official representatives of Ramona, these young ladies and their court members travel throughout San Diego County and beyond, donating their time. Participating in the Miss Ramona pageant helps these young ladies grow in personal strength and character, finding their voices and personal self confidence through their work as area representatives.

For more information email us at

or find us on Facebook: Ramona Miss-Teen Pageant-Page

Pageant Director: Jill Fleming

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To request an appearance, please use the form below and provide as much information as possible.  |  Tel: 760-315-6075

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